Meal Exchange is the bridge which connects passionate student volunteers and the food movement in Canada

Our experience with working with youth from across the country for the past twenty years has allowed us to develop programs which allow youth leadership opportunities on and off campus. Our work within the food movement in Canada has allowed us to develop key relationships with stakeholders from across the sector. Whether community food centres and service agencies, regional and food networks, or groups working to better our collective food system - Meal Exchange connects student volunteers to the broader food movement. While giving youth leaders the opportunity to work within the food movement at large, student voices gain an important role in shaping the vision of the food movement in Canada.

You can connect to our network in a variety of ways. 

University or college students

Find out if your campus is part of Meal Exchange's Campus Network, which is a network of student groups at universities across Canada working on programming related to Meal Exchange's vision and mission on their campus.

If your campus doesn't have a Meal Exchange chapter, perhaps now is the time to start one! You can also participate in our signature programs, Trick or Eat, Skip a Meal, Clear the Shelves and StomachThis! which all provide differing avenues for students to become leaders on their campus, and in their community when it comes to food issues.

Fellow food movement organization?

Connecting with Meal Exchange means that you can benefit by connecting with youth from across the country who are passionate about and engaged with their local community food system. Our collaborations run far and wide, with the multi-stakeholder driven Campus Food Systems Project as a primary example.

A community member?

 Connect with Meal Exchange to learn about how we are active in your community. Whether through a local food drive, on campus, or through a volunteering opportunity, we actively look for opportunities to bridge campus youth with the communities they live in.

Stay in touch with us online

We love hearing from people involved in our programming, community members and people in the food movement!