NSFS 2019. Building Community, Activating a Movement

In a world that is increasingly fractured and divided, food can be an incredibly powerful unifier and tool for change. NSFS 2019 will use the power of food to bring more students into conversations on food systems, facilitate connections between students from across the country and to come together to take action on food issues. Students involved with Meal Exchange have a strong track record of responding to some of the most trying issues of our time, including inequities, poverty and climate change, by organizing inspiring actions through food. NSFS 2019 will celebrate and contextualize student successes of the past, while deeply focussing on how we can collectively address pressing challenges in the future. The event will set the stage to reinvigorate a vibrant community of Meal Exchangers in a journey to achieve a just and sustainable food system and will feature opportunities to build skills, network and connect with experts in the field. NSFS 2019 is an invitation to find belonging with a group of passionate students across the country and to take part in activating a movement that will benefit people and the planet.

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