A Personal Note from Celia White


As some of you may have heard,after almost three years of leading the Good Food Challenge across Canada, I am transitioning out of my role this summer with dreams of returning to school in food systems to continue my personal growth within this work. 

It also marks an exciting transformational period in the Good Food Challenge as we shift into the formal launch phase.

Stepping into the national office are two new staff - Nicole Norris and Rajean Hoilett - who, alongside our current team will take the Good Food Challenge and other Meal Exchange programs to new heights.

One of our newest members, Nicole, is stepping into the position of National Good Food Campus Lead, and is excited to introduce herself to the network:

It is with great excitement that I am stepping into the the role as National Good Food Campus Lead with Meal Exchange. As a former Meal Exchange Campus Coordinator I learned just how much impact the voice of students can have on food systems change within their Universities.Meal Exchange supported me to speak out about my passion for community-based food systems on campus, connected me to fellow students who cared about campus food issues and helped me to develop my skills as a leader in sustainable food systems thinking.

As I review all that has happened on the Good Food Challenge over the past two years, it is clear to me that this project would not be where it is today without the dedication and support that you continue to give to Meal Exchange and the student food movement. As I transition into this role, I see this as a great opportunity to use my skills for local food advocacy to propel this project forward and to develop and grow relationships with students, food service providers and local food producers. Looking back on all the amazing work that has been done to get the Good Food Challenge where it is today, I am excited to continue to show that this project maintains the highest standards of what good food means. I look forward to getting to know you and your organization's goals and values over the next few months and hope that we have the opportunity to connect with you in person."

As I make this personal transition, I am filled with excitement about what this growing team will achieve in the coming months, and am looking forward to continuing to support and be involved with the Good Food Movement in new and exciting ways. 


Celia White