A Personal Note from Matt Currie and Susanne Nyaga


Dear Friends,

It’s with many mixed emotions that I share with you you that, after nearly two years with Meal Exchange as Chapters, Campaigns, and Events Coordinator, I am transitioning out of my role in order to pursue a career as a teacher.

Goodbyes in this work are always bittersweet - as excited as I am about the road ahead, both for myself and for Meal Exchange, I also know how much I will miss the Meal Exchange team, the inspiring network of students we work with, and the work as a whole.

During my time with Meal Exchange, I’ve been consistently impressed and amazed by the passion, dedication, and talent of the dozens of students we’ve worked with on campuses across the country. I’ve also been constantly inspired by the commitment of these students to tackle some of the major systemic challenges in our food system. It gives me such hope and joy to see such strong energy and momentum coming from campuses from coast-to-coast-to-coast.

As I transition out of my role with Meal Exchange, I’m feeling excited about the next phase of this work and the Campus Food Movement. With the recent launch of the Good Food Challenge; the ongoing work to redevelop, strengthen, and grow our chapter network; and with the team continuing to build on the momentum of our incredibly successful National Student Food Summit in Montreal, this is an exciting and important time for Meal Exchange. I can’t wait to see what the MX national team and our amazing network of students accomplish in the new year. I am extraordinarily grateful to all of the amazing people with whom I’ve worked over these past two year that have helped make this work so rewarding, impactful, and exciting.

With that in mind I also want take the opportunity to introduce the newest member of the Meal Exchange team! As I step out of my role at MX, I’m thrilled to introduce Susanne Nyaga, who will be stepping in to the role of Chapters, Campaigns, and Communications Coordinator to carry on and grow the work of building a strong, vibrant, and impactful Campus Food Movement. Or, in Susanne’s own words:

Hello everyone, I'm super excited to join and grow with the Meal Exchange team! I am coming from a background of student leadership and student organizing. I was the former President of the Ryerson Students' Union and held a range of other leadership and activist roles on Ryerson campus. My work has primarily revolved around centralizing the voices of marginalized communities and creating institutional space for those narratives to influence and shift problematic, systemic practices. Also known as, fighting for the people. I also have a Bachelor in Social Work degree and dabbled in the world of municipal politics.

I'm excited to get into the work and build my understanding of Meal Exchange through connecting with the students, supporters and allies. Chapters and Campaigns are instrumental to the work of MX and there are a lot of amazing ideas around how we can continue to build our network to better mobilize around the issue of student food insecurity. I'm excited to have the opportunity to connect with you all as we work towards building campuses that prioritize good food and as we pursue systemic , long-term change.

Best regards,

Susanne Nyaga”

Thank you to everybody who has supported me and this work for these past two years, and thanks especially to Susanne for allowing me to leave feeling so confident and excited for this next phase of the work knowing it’s being left in such good hands!

In Good Food For All,

Matt Currie