Campus Garden Network

Gardens can be ideal spaces to address food security, increase community collaboration and provide meaningful experiences to challenge an industrialized food system. There are gardens and farms on over half of campuses across Canada that have unique opportunities and challenges.

The Meal Exchange Campus Garden Network is a platform to foster connections and resources for students across the country and advocate on behalf of an alternative food system that is growing across the country.

Here are ways to TAKE part of taking part in the Campus Garden Network:

Resource Sharing

  • Contribute to and learn from the Campus Garden/ Farm List
  • Take a look at and contribute to our Campus Garden Working Group Resource Folder including:
    • Job Descriptions of Garden Coordinators
    • Resources on agro-ecological side of gardening
    • Budgets and Garden Plans
    • Notes from Gross Campus Calls
    • Grant Examples 
  • Participate in the Campus Garden Networks Calls
    • A space to connect with other coordinators, share learnings and working on some larger ideas including a Campus Garden Manifesto, or large grant opportunities.
  • Make suggestions for Webinars/ Discussions, Resources, Focuses at the National Student Food Summit (  )

Consider Volunteering

The Campus Garden Network is a project of Meal Exchange. There are many opportunities for you to contribute to the important work of this organization, while gaining a valuable learning experience and having fun.

If you would like to volunteer please contact us.