Decolonizing The Food System Book Club

rising in love / and sprouting it loud / a beloved community grows strong and proud
— Hannah Atkinson Renglich, Book Club Facilitator

Photos By 4RS and Chairs and Tables

The DFSBC is a virtual meeting space where youth learn together about Indigenous Food Sovereignty and solidarity through the literature, film, and art of Indigenous authors and activists. By coming together to share reflections on readings, film, and art, Indigenous and non-Indigenous youth start conversations about the intersections between food work and decolonization.  

Drawing on the 4Rs framework for cross-cultural dialogue, DFSBC members will learn how to educate ourselves and our community, build meaningful relationships, grow trust, and open a brave space for dialogue.  The DFSBC will support members on a learning journey by calling together Indigenous and non-Indigenous young people to share, listen and learn, and eat. 

We hope that in creating a space where young people can come together to share and learn from Indigenous literature, film and art, we can begin to develop the skills needed to work in solidarity across lines of diversity, and to create real relationships based in respect and understanding. These conversations will not be easy, as our shared colonial history persists today. Meal Exchange recognizes that Indigenous and non-Indigenous participants will be approaching these conversations on uneven ground, and it is necessary that these conversations do not tokenize the position of any participant.  In order to address the need for respectful inclusivity, Book Club hosts include a balance of Indigenous and non-Indigenous leaders to offer a diversity of skills, resources and knowledge.  Check out the team of Book Club hosts who represent a diversity of communities from across Turtle Island.

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Program Updates

Check back for book club program updates including meeting times, reading lists and discussion topics.