Eat, Think, Vote: Students Edition

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Eat, Think, Vote (ETV) is a campaign that gathers community members across Canada to talk with federal candidates ahead of the upcoming election, organized by the national non-profit organization Food Secure Canada. The goal of ETV is to ensure that food is an election issue, and that the incoming government develops policy that works towards a just, sustainable and healthy food system. 

Meal Exchange will be supporting students on post-secondary campuses across the country to run ETV events on their campuses ahead of the 2019 federal election in October. This opportunity will encourage skill building related to engaging with policy advocacy, as well as elevate the perspectives of students within the national food movement. ETV: Students Edition will raise the profile of food issues that are important to students, with a particular focus on the issue of student food insecurity. 

An ETV event is always centred around food-a meal, a snack, a harvest-creating an approachable space to talk about the food issues. An ETV event should be accessible, in a space open to the community and non-partisan; has invited political candidates from all major parties. 

Interested in running Eat, Think, Vote on your campus? Email for more information. Follow #ETVstudents to see news of events across the country!