Get Involved in the Good Food Challenge



Your interest: As a student, you drive this movement! Students in the United States have won over $50 million in Real Food purchasing commitments from their universities, and during this process, over 1,000 students have received specialized leadership training for food systems work.

Your benefit: You will receive opportunities for one-on-one coaching, connections to food leaders across the country and around the world, and resources for every step of the way including detailed toolkits, webinars, templates, and examples from leaders in the United States.

Your role: If you’re a student who is serious about getting involved, you have two options:

  1. Join a Good Food Challenge Campaign 
  2. Become a Good Food Researcher

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Faculty Member at a Post-Secondary Institution

Your interest: The Good Food Challenge provides learning opportunities for your students that are relevant to the crises of today as well as the powerful solutions of tomorrow. 

Your benefit: Collaborate with other campuses across North America who have, or are in the process of developing ground-breaking curriculum in food systems and applied research. 

Your role: Connect with the Good Food Challenge to develop applied research opportunities for your students that are rigorous, robustly-supported and publishable.

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Food Services Staff

Your interest: The Good Food Challenge can provide you with strong, consistent and measurable purchasing standards to respond to student demand around issues of sustainability, social justice and animal welfare. 

Your benefit: Because your workload is already full, Good Food Challenge provides trained students to take on the task of measuring food purchases and telling the story of your successes.

Your role: Help students access the data needed to audit purchases, and identify sourcing barriers and opportunities.

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Your interest: Applied practices of sustainability, social justice and healthy communities are becoming more significant to campus rankings and student recruitment.

Your benefit: The Good Food Challenge provides your campus with support to create its own unique policies while gaining the consistency of research-based standards that are applied across the continent and recognized through local, national and international media. 

Your role: Organizing to sign the commitment to reach 20% Good Food by 2025 - alongside campuses across Canada and the United States - and joining the Good Food Campus Committee to oversee the projects needed to meet this goal.

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Farmers and Small Businesses

Your interest: As a food producer and distributor, the Good Food Challenge has been created to support the work you do. The Good Food Challenge team works to gain institutional commitment to develop new supply chain partnerships.

Your benefit: As the Good Food Challenge gains momentum across the continent, our goal is to create opportunities for new purchasing relationships to help grow good businesses.

Your role: Producers and distributors are essential stakeholders to this mutually-beneficial movement. There are many ways to be involved:

  • Vend "Good Food" products to institutions. You can identify your products as Real Food by sharing your production practices, values, and/ or certifications
  • Grow interest in your farm or business by sharing your story
  • Advise our team on special topics of expertise
  • Provide feedback on the program and process

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