At Meal Exchange, we support colleges and universities across Canada to be leaders in serving good food for all. 

FOOD has power.

Food can support the local economy and promote health and dignity - or, can further the gap between the rich and poor. Food can nourish our environment, or deplete it. We believe that food can be good - healthy, just, sustainable, equitable, DELICIOUS - and accessible to everyone.

CAMPUSES can leverage this change.

Canadian campuses spend over $300 million on food every year - enough to greatly impact our communities. Campus food purchases contribute to inequality and pollution in our food system, but could instead support businesses that are shifting the industry towards justice and sustainability. As institutes of learning and research, campuses have the potential to inspire change.

STUDENTS are driving this movement.

Students ask critical questions about how and why things are done, and are imagining new ways of using food as a tool for innovation. Students hold an important role in the supply chain and aren’t afraid to use their power as advocates and consumers. They are engaging their peers and building a coordinated demand for change.

Apply to become a Decolonizing the Food System Facilitator

Meal Exchange is recruiting a team of Indigenous and non-Indigenous facilitators to lead the Decolonizing the Food System Book Club for the next year. Apply by January 15th to join the team.