National Student Food Summit

Meal Exchange’s annual conference, the National Student Food Summit is Canada's largest gathering for students passionate about working for ‘good food for all’ on campus. 

At Meal Exchange’s four day Summit, you will connect with passionate students who are building better food systems on over 40 campuses across Canada. You will learn how to make a powerful impact with your campus and local community through Meal Exchange’s programs and be inspired by food organizers and leading researchers.

Whether you are passionate about organizing events, conducting research or connecting with your campus administrators, Meal Exchange’s Summit will provide you with inspiration, connections and ideas for next steps to make a powerful impact on your campus and the food movement in Canada

History of the summit

Since 2003, Meal Exchange's National Student Food Summit has brought student leaders from across Canada together to develop innovative solutions to address food insecurity, health and sustainability on their campuses and with communities. For nearly 15 years, the Summit has boasted an impressive list of speakers, sessions, and takeaway action items; and engaged hundreds of student leaders from coast to coast.