Financial Support

Student Bursary

Meal Exchange is pleased to offer a student bursary for delegates that require support to attend NSFS 2019.  Guaranteed $200 bursaries were available for students who registered prior to June 30th, however, the bursary application is still open! We cannot guarantee support, however Meal Exchange will support as many students as possible to attend the event. Approvals will be made on an ongoing basis, with more funds available the sooner you apply and register.

Fundraising Resources

Many student unions, administrators, faculty and food services support students to attend the Summit-we encourage you to start exploring fundraising options on your campus. A fundraising letter template, linked below, can be used to seek sponsorship on your campus to attend NSFS 2019. For assistance, you can view the presentation slides and recording from a webinar held on the on-campus fundraising process. Feel free to connect with if you require further advice in seeking out additional support.