Campus Food Report Card


How do Ontario university students feel about food on their campuses?

Meal Exchange's Campus Food Report Card measures the success of Ontario universities in providing locally-grown, sustainable, healthy, and accessible food - as rated by students and campuses themselves. This is the most comprehensive assessment of student experience with campus foodservices to date.

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Local Food Release:

Our Local Food release of the Campus Food Report Card focuses on student satisfaction with local food on Ontario university campuses, as well as a look at the initiatives by campus foodservice providers to provide local food to students.


More about the Campus Food Report Card

Our goal is for the Campus Food Report Card to initiate a conversation about the power of food on Ontario campuses and create a platform to recognize leaders in providing good food for all, particularly those who make concerted efforts to purchase food from Ontario farmers and producers.

The Campus Food Report Card is composed of three components: The Student Satisfaction Survey, the Campus Food Services Survey, and the Campus Food Outlet Checklist

  • The Student Satisfaction Survey allows students to voice their satisfaction with and knowledge of sustainable, local, healthy, accessible food initiatives on their campus. This survey component was informed by a similar survey conducted at at all Ontario colleges in 2016-2017. Meal Exchange adapted methods used by Maclean’s magazine to gather student satisfaction data from Ontario university campuses. 

    The Student Satisfaction Survey was distributed to students attending Ontario universities via Facebook ads and other social media platforms, as well as an email campaign between March and May 2017. Over 2,600 student responses to this survey are reported in a 9-item Student Satisfaction Score.

  • The Campus Food Services Survey recognizes efforts by campus administration and food services staff to increase student access to locally grown, healthy, sustainable food. Development of the survey was informed by consultations with civil society leaders, academics, public health professionals, and food service industry representatives, as well as public health, sustainability, and food systems literature from Canada, the U.K. and U.S. 

    To ensure feasibility during the first year of the Campus Food Report Card, the Campus Food Services Survey has been completed by representatives from the largest food service provider on campus and/or campus administration. Meal Exchange also provided campus food service representatives with the opportunity to participate in a telephone interview, during which challenges and successes of campus food procurement were discussed. If campus representatives declined to complete the Survey, the Survey was completed for the campus by Meal Exchange staff based on information available on the website. Data for the Campus Food Services Survey was collected between April and August 2017. Survey results are reported in the 30-item Campus Food Services Score.

  • The Campus Food Outlet Checklist measures physical availability and promotion of locally-grown, healthy, sustainable, and accessible food options, and was adapted from the Nutrition Environment Measures Survey, University College version.  

    Students attending 18 Ontario universities were trained in data collection procedures, and completed a checklist for two food outlets operated by the largest food service provider on their campus in March, April, and September 2017.  

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