Share a Meal (formerly Skip a Meal) was Meal Exchange’s very first program.

In 1993, Rahul Raj, the founder of Meal Exchange took action to combat the waste he witnessed on campuses due to residence meal plans. It is this simple action that defines the core of Share a Meal. In its current incarnation, this innovative program allows student to donate their unused meals or meal points so that food can be purchased for donation to meet the immediate need of hunger on campus and with local social agencies.

Share a Meal is unique in that the Campus Coordinators identify which products are most needed by local food banks and agencies, and use the total value of the student donations to purchase those specific items from the university’s food wholesaler. Students then deliver the food to local social organizations.  The ability to identify the needs of the organizations enables students to deliver specialty items, such as baby formula or kosher foods that are not always attainable through a regular food drive. To date, Share a Meal has raised over $400,000 worth of food and non-perishable food items, items that would have otherwise gone undonated.

Share a Meal is part of Meal Exchange’s work to build more just and sustainable food systems by connecting with local communities and addressing immediate hunger needs while conducting research and advocating for large-scale policy change.


If you’re interested in bringing Share a Meal to your campus,
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