Students Feeding Change


Meal Exchange’s 2016 Hungry for Knowledge survey found that a shocking 39% of post-secondary students across five Canadian campuses experience food insecurity, including 8.3% who experience severe food insecurity. In response to student and campus stakeholder momentum on this issue, Meal Exchange launched the Students Feeding Change project in September 2017. With support from the Maple Leaf Centre for Action on Food Security, Meal Exchange has been working to facilitate conversations needed to address student food insecurity on two unique campuses, Ryerson University in Toronto and Lakehead University in Thunder Bay.

The project brings together stakeholders representing multiple levels of the university and community system, including students, student unions and services, campus administrators, food services, faculty, and local organizations, to identify barriers and key points of leverage. Meal Exchange hopes to extend this work to campuses across the country with the goal of supporting food security, access to education, and well-being among all students.

Project Model: Click on this infographic to learn about the Students Feeding Change project model, which can be applied to any campus-specific context. 

Resources & Workshop Summaries

If you are interested in learning about student food insecurity on individual campuses, or the multi-stakeholder, innovative workshops Meal Exchange has hosted at universities, feel free to read our resources and workshop summaries below. 

Student Food Security Innovation Lab #1, Lakehead University (April 2018)

Student Food Security Innovation Lab #2, Lakehead University (June 2018)

Convening Workshop, Ryerson University (May 2018)

Student Innovation Workshop, Ryerson University (July 2018)

Food Insecurity at Ryerson University Challenge Brief

If you want to learn more about the Students Feeding Change project, contact Merryn Maynard at