Local Means More than You Think!

Often, when we talk about local food, people envision greenhouses full of tomatoes and hydroponic peppers. These are certainly key parts of local food, but local, sustainable eating can also mean learning about what food grows naturally right in your neighbourhood, and building community around it.

For Farm to School Month 2017, University of Windsor students held an edible plant walk. Students and community members gathered at the community garden at the university to learn and explore the benefits of various weeks, roots, and berries in the garden, all of which are native to the area. The group then shared a meal of local food where they discussed how to build community around local food. This discussion turned into a workshop on seed bombing local flowers to support bee populations!

We were thrilled to support Farm to School month because, like Farm to Cafeteria Canada, we believe that local food means so much more than just eating food grown within a certain distance of your house. It’s about engaging with your local food system, learning where it comes from, and building a vibrant community around it!